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Unlock the Power of Web3 with Blade Wallet

Blade Wallet is the only third-party audited, regularly security tested, self-custody Web3 wallet on Hedera. Blade Wallet is designed to be the most simple, seamless and secure way to engage in Web3 activities.

Buy, sell, stage, trade and collect with the most-accessible and fastest growing wallet on the network.

Why brands choose Blade Wallet

Blade Labs build solutions such as Blade Wallet designed as a toolkit global brands can quickly access to unlock the power of Web2. The Blade Labs team are committed to creating simple, seamless, and secure access to Web3 commerce.

Fully Certik audited

Enterprise grade security protection

Highly integratable

Embed our technology in your tools

Fully customisable

Our team tailor the tools to your needs

Single button onboarding

User onboarding at the click of a button

Buy in-wallet

Buy HBAR through Moonpay and Banxa

NFT gallery

Browse your full collection of NFT's with ease


User data is fully encrypted, only accessed by you


Blade Wallet is built on Hedera which is Carbon Negative

About Blade Labs.

Blade Labs is a leading business solution provider utilising Web3 technology to deliver cut through results for enterprises across the world.

We are committed to providing users simple, seamless, and secure access to Web3 activities and commerce.

Blade Labs operate on a true 24-hour basis, with team members in countries across Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We are actively working on integrations with dozens of global partners with communities totalling in the millions. Unlock the power of Web3 with Blade.

Here's why Blade Wallet is built on Hedera. :

  • Hedera is 10x faster than blockchain alternatives*
  • Hedera is carbon negative
  • Hedera has low and predictable gas fees**



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