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Welcome to Blade x Astra Nova

Thanks for participating in Astra Nova’s 30 Million $RVV Airdrop Campaign + Deviants mint pass allowlist.

You are just a few clicks away from setting up your new Blade Wallet account for free.  Just follow the simple instructions below to become part of the fastest growing and largest wallet community on Hedera and register your account to receive these amazing rewards from Astra Nova!

Step 1

Download the Blade Wallet app from your Apple or Android mobile device, or via Google Chrome by clicking the relevant store button above.

Step 2

Follow the simple instructions to set up a new Blade Wallet account and take note of the wallet address (account ID) located at the top of the app screen in the middle.  Your Blade Wallet address will come in the following format: 0.0.1234567.

Step 3

Once you have set up your account and obtained your Blade Wallet address, return to and enter your details accordingly.