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Welcome Bladers, to the world of BearDudes.

Every face represents a voice, every voice has a unique identity, and behind each identity is a distinct personality. Together, the brilliance of our diversity makes us a community.

We’re BearDudes: the community where every face counts and everybody is welcome!


Your ticket to more...

BearDudes is the genesis utility NFT collection from Blade, comprising 12,009 unique NFTs across five rarity levels—Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, and Epic. Each BearDude is a gateway to a rich ecosystem of opportunities.

Consider it as your ticket to the best offerings from Blade. The higher your BearDude rarity level, the more opportunities, and goodies you can access in our community.

What Does Your Face Say

Each avatar represents a mood, unvoiced emotions, abstract thought patterns, and whatever you believe it says. Get a BearDude today and show the world your face.

Fair Distribution

Our advanced random picker ensures no one has an unfair advantage over others. Everyone has an equal chance of claiming a BearDude NFT, irrespective of rarity.


This Abstracted Man NFT is one of 10,000 “Common” (Level 1 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. He’s the face of the everyday Blader in the streets. Calm and calculated. He knows so much but says little.


This Mindbender NFT is one of 1,650 “Rare” (Level 2 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. He can see everything when he takes off those glasses, even your deepest secrets. You don’t choose him; he chooses you.


This Tripster NFT is one of 300 “Legendary” (Level 3 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. Wisdom lies here, exhibited in 300 unique faces. He wonders why people think he never shares a smile, even though he’s always merry in his own way.


This Glitch Girl NFT is one of 49 “Mythic” (Level 4 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. Unpredictable, cunning, yet the smartest and most beautiful of all. The more you look at her, the less you know of her.


The Dude NFT is one of 10 “Epic” (Level 5 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. The greatest there is, the most distinct of the lot. All-knowing, yet abstractly speaks. He’s the ultimate prize everyone dreams of, but only few can ever see.


Kabuki Kate is one of 10,000 “Common” (Level 5 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. She is the epitome of compassion, and the embodiment of strength. Behind her steely, determined gaze beats the heart of a poet.


Anaisha is one of 1650 “Rare” (Level 2 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. If beauty was a person, she’d have been Anaisha. Her eyes hold more wonders than you could imagine, and enough mystery for a lifetime.


Irie Katana is one of 300 “Legendary” (Level 3 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. Descended from a bloodline of fierce warriors, her gentle looks are often taken for granted. But beware…behind her delicate smile beats the heart of a lion.


Afro King is one of 49 “Mythic” (Level 4 of 5). Exemplifying the beauty of black, each strand of his hair is a symbol of his pride and the staff of his power. His words may be few, but are filled with wisdom. His actions are always just and pure.


The Queen of Hearts is one of 10 “Epic” (Level 5 of 5) AI-generated art NFTs. The Queen of the Gen2 collection, she immediately holds court wherever she goes. Don’t be deceived by her sunglasses for she’s not as loving as they look. And you certainly don’t want to be in her bad books.


October 1st – 15th

Genesis drop into all participating valid Blade Wallet accounts

October – December 2022

Regular BearDudes Lottery Announcements, The Dude Campaign, and more!


Did someone say utility?

Each BearDude NFT has a unique serial number for intermittent lottery draws with mouth-watering prices. Being a BearDude NFT holder gives you access to these lotteries and Blade’s future giveaways, exclusive members-only events, and several other perks.

Blade is securing partnerships with reputable brands in the Web2 and Web3 space, all to provide more utility for the BearDude community. Once finalized, we will roll out a list of exclusive offers to only the BearDude community members.


What are NFTs?

NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible token.” An NFT is a digitally unique token that can represent various things in the real world, such as artwork, music, videos, audio, real property, and so much more.

What is a 'Utility NFT'?

Utility NFTs are NFTs with use cases beyond just being unique digital assets. They are NFTs that grant their owners privileges, rights, or rewards they would not otherwise be able to access.

Are Blade NFTs unique?

Each Blade NFT has a rarity category—Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, Epic—and a serial number (printed on the bottom right). So each NFT is unique. Also, no two artworks in the Blade NFT collections are exactly the same.

What is the 'Utility' of Blade NFT?

Because each NFT has a unique serial number, Blade NFT holders might be able to access other giveaways, a lottery based on serial numbers, physical goods, invitations to events, and other benefits in the future.

Can I sell Blade NFT?

The Blade BearDude NFTs are freely sellable. You can trade them on HashAxis.

Where can I sell my BearDudes?

You can list your BearDude NFTs in secondary marketplaces like Hashaxis, Zuse, and HashGuild. Plans are underway to make them available in more marketplaces. See detailed instructions above on how to list on Hashaxis.

What is the price of NFT?

The market (people who want to buy vs. people who want to sell or demand vs. supply) will decide the price.

You can currently purchase BearDudes NFTs on Hashaxis.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Once you are logged in, click your user name on the upper right-hand of the website
  4. Scroll down and click on “Connect Blade.”
  5. Once your Blade Wallet is connected, go to this link and choose which NFT you want to purchase
  6. Click the NFT you want to purchase
  7. Click the “SEND OFFER” button, select an account to associate, and click “CONFIRM ASSOCIATION.”
  9. Once the payment has been initiated, you will receive a notification that the NFT will be in your Gallery.

How do I list my BearDudes on HashAxis?

HashAxis is one of Blade’s partners, allowing users to list and sell their BearDudes NFTs by following these simple steps.

  1. Visit Hash Axis to Enter your Serial Number on the verified Blade Collection page.
  2. Connect your Blade wallet to list or buy NFTs.
  3. Sign to approve the transactions with Blade wallet.

For more detailed information with pictorial guides, please click here.

What's the difference between the BearDude NFT Collection and Blade Soul Bound Tokens?

The Blade SBT are loyalty cards that are non-sellable, while the BearDudes are utility NFTs that are freely sellable.

How can I get a BearDude?

BearDudes are available through Blade Giveaways.

How do I find the token ID for this NFT?

While viewing your NFT on your Blade Wallet on Android or Chrome Web Extension, you can find the token ID located here (see red arrow)

Why do I have to have a Blade Wallet account higher than 0.0.1125800?

Account holders on the Hedera network normally have to manually associate token IDs in their wallets prior to receiving them.  This comes at a cost of USD 0.05 an association. 

We have made it possible that any Blade Wallet account number created from 0.0.1125800 and above to come pre-loaded with 5 free auto-associating token slots. This way, we can randomly drop up to 5 NFTs into your wallet account without having you take additional steps and pay for them.