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If you have an account number that is below 0.0.1125799, and you want to receive your first five tokens with little effort and zero cost, open a new Blade NFT Drop optimized account today!

Introducing the new BLADE NFT DROP optimised account…

The Blade Development team have been working hard to create a frictionless introduction to the wonderful world of NFTs on the Hedera network.

Taking for granted the speed, security, eco-friendly, and low transaction costs enjoyed by all on Hedera, there IS a cost and there ARE some steps you would normally need to take to receive an NFT in your account (including manually inputting token numbers to associate to your Blade account and being charged for each association).

We have now introduced five free token-association slots with every new Blade account opened.

For more information on how to open a new Blade account from your Blade Wallet app, click here.

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