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Blade Wallet Release Notes

Below you will find the Blade Wallet Release notes. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Blade Wallet Version 0.19.0

  • WalletConnect Support – WalletConnect securely connects DApps to the wallet
  • Improve NFT purchase process – token association management and balance check
  • Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pop-up
  • Include additional transaction details in memo field
  • Support disassociation/ removal of token IDs
  • Crypto token icon support
  • Misc. patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.18.0

  • Enable Moonpay USDC purchase support
  • Enhance loading speed of balances
  • Standardize NFT gallery image display
  • Standardize confirmation pages
  • Enhance deeplink operation
  • Move swapping button to home screen
  • Update enterprise integration support
  • Misc. patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.17.0

  • In-wallet token swap support with SaucerSwap.
  • Close Banxa purchase interface after widget launches
  • Update transaction links to to follow new URL standard
  • Misc. patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.16.0

  • Staking reward estimate and claim button
  • Extend whitelisted token IDs
  • MoonPay NFT lite support
  • NFT trade fee system
  • DeepLink enhancements
  • Misc patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.15.0

  • NFT Gallery now available for Apple iOS
  • Move Staking to home screen and update content
  • Improve NFT Trade process
  • Add HBAR to main token list on home screen
  • Remove Multi-Sig option
  • Misc. UX updates and patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.14.0

  • NFT Trade – Enables direct NFT sales, manages royalties and other fees.
  • Support USDC purchases with Banxa
  • Telegram support
  • Reduced installation package size
  • Updated account balances to use USD
  • Added “ID Copied” hint to copy button for account IDs
  • Misc fixes and enhancements (edited)

Blade Wallet Version 0.13.0

  • Account ID QR code creation and scanning
  • Update transfer memo text and reminder when empty
  • Refresh main screen with refresh icon or swipe down action
  • Create contact from transaction history
  • Extend special symbol support for password creation
  • Add support contact information to error pages
  • Display wallet’s main balance in USD
  • Update Baxna completion screens
  • Update UX formatting
  • Misc patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.12.0

  • Revamped NFT purchase screens used by SDK
  • Option to require password on application launch
  • Option to require password to access Recovery Phrase and Private Key
  • Launch Biometric authentication automatically
  • Enhance MP4 NFT display
  • Enhance handling of non standard NFT Metadata
  • Consolidate security settings
  • NFT Fallback fee handling
  • Misc bug fixes

Blade Wallet Version 0.11.0

  • Enhance NFT loading speed
  • Preload NFT Gallery image placeholders
  • Additional warning for wallet reset.
  • Support adding token auto-association during account setup
  • Enhance account creation process for high load conditions
Bug fixes
  • Fix full-screen MP4 NFT menu
  • Various bug fixes

Blade Wallet Version 0.10.0

  • Dedicated NFT Gallery screen with demo mode (Not on iOS)
  • Hedera Native Staking support
  • Unmask passwords option
  • Support complex password with detailed popup
  • About Blade Wallet screen
  • Support MP4 NFTs (Not on iOS)
  • Support 3D NFTs (Not on iOS)
  • Add NFT Transfers to the Transaction history (Not on iOS)
  • Support Hindi language
  • NFT download to file system (Not on iOS)
  • Standardize error codes
Bug fixes
  • Text and button alignment corrections
  • Adjustments to accommodate multiple languages.
  • Various bug fixes

Blade Wallet Version 0.9.0

  • Integrate Web23 Smart Domains as an alternative wallet ID
  • Improve loading NFT images
  • Spanish & Bengali Language Support
  • Option to download NFT media from wallet
  • Include NFT transfers in transaction history
  • Improve Android “back” button navigation
  • Enhance wallet account creation & linking APIs
Bug fixes
  • Adjust UI to accommodate multi-language issues
  • Fix missing and wrong translations
  • Add Token list filter not working properly on mobile
  • Various small patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.8.0

  • Biometric option enables Touch ID/Face ID and Fingerprint for easy login
  • Add Portuguese & Indonesian languages
  • Adjust UI to support multiple languages
  • Standardize 8 character password across solutions
  • Enabled all standard symbols for passwords
  • Internet status feedback i.e. bad connection
  • Enhance Blade Extension API for no account scenarios
  • Enhance Deep Link APIs for general usage
Bug fixes
  • Correct Banxa error messages
  • Transaction History text corrections
  • Various fixes

Blade Wallet Version 0.7.0

  • Support NFT Transfer
  • Improve security and on-boarding experience with FingerPrintJS
  • Remove CAPTCHA process
  • Direct link to Hashscan to validate transactions
  • Update account page layout
  • Support custom account name
  • Display account totals for all accounts
  • Add language selector
  • Support for Tagalog language
  • Search for popular token IDs by name
  • Introduce slider menu
Bug fixes
  • Password misaligned on wallet unlock screen
  • Various minor patches

Blade Wallet Version 0.6.0

  • Direct NFT purchase and transfer support with Slime World
  • Banxa support to purchase HBAR tokens
  • Automatic system lock timer
  • Redesigned Multi-Signature UX
  • Transfer tokens confirmation page
  • Improved NFT support and loading speed enhancements
  • Other minor UX enhancements
Bug fixes
  • Multi-sig history display problems
  • Long token name overruns space
  • Text in contact button wraps
  • Various small fixes

Blade Wallet Version 0.4.9

  • Update old loading message to “loading”
  • Enhanced KYC support
  • Implement improvements for account and token APIs
  • Exposed additional hedera error to dapps
  • Auto KYC NADA token when user manually associates token with token ID
  • Enable Moonpay in wallet for purchasing HBAR
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved issues associated to account creation limits
  • Update errors when API connection process is failing if wallet application isn’t configured

Blade Wallet Version 0.5.0

Improvements / New Features
  • Contact screen (update formatting, enhanced contact option view for mobile)
  • History screen (update formatting, easier to read transactions)
  • Transfer & Multi-Sig screen (Remove soft keyboard, update formatting, additional information)
  • Improved modal popups
  • Account Screen(updated layout)
  • Home screen (update layout, enhance token options view for mobile, favorite token tagging)
  • New settings screen (Wallet reset, developer mode, support info and future features)
  • Streamline account creation process (focus on new account setup process and simplified setup options)
  • New Developer mode (Cleanly separates real MainNet accounts from TestNet developer accounts.)
  • Add names to navigation icons
Bug Fixes
  • Android button formatting issues
  • Contact information from address book not populating token transfer pages
  • Account ID information resets after transfer failure.
  • Add token ID screen doesn’t function after searching for partial ID of token
  • Additional minor fixes
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