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Singapore – May 19, 2023 – Blade Labs proudly announces a groundbreaking new offering: true Cold Native Staking of HBAR via Blade Wallet’s integration with D’CENT Wallet. For the first time on Hedera, D’CENT, Korea’s largest cold wallet provider, has enabled cold native staking directly from an account through their collaborative work with the Blade Labs team. This launch represents a significant step forward in web3 security, as cold wallets are the most secure way to store digital assets and safely earn rewards on Hedera. 


A month after the announcement of its full integration of the Hedera Token Service, D’CENT Hardware Wallet (also known as a “cold wallet”)  is now also fully integrated with Blade Wallet, enabling Blade users to set up cold wallet accounts simply and seamlessly via a single button connection.  

Blade users can purchase HBAR through multiple global and regional payment service providers and safely store it offline via their D’CENT Wallet.  What’s more, a user can benefit from true native staking of their HBAR for the first time, which means that they can earn rewards without sacrificing any of the security that comes with storing their assets offline in a D’CENT Wallet.  As issues such as account hacking, theft, and online scamming become more and more prevalent in Web3, Blade continues to prioritise security as a key feature in its solutions for enterprises and its Blade Wallet users. “Blade Labs is dedicated to delivering innovative and exceptional solutions that empower our users to take complete control. Our latest integration and cold wallet native staking feature provides our users access to a secure and dependable Hedera staking service that is both user-friendly and easy to understand. We are proud to partner with D’CENT Wallet, a renowned industry leader, to provide our users with a seamless and secure staking experience.” – Sami Mian, Co-Founder & CEO of Blade Labs.

Web 3.0 is a transformative initiative that aims to give users greater control over the economic benefits of the Internet by changing its foundational structure. However, this change offers numerous benefits and introduces new cybersecurity, finance, and privacy risks. To address these concerns, Web 3.0 incorporates key security measures such as identity and tokenization, which enable user authentication and asset control. In addition, smart contracts utilize reputation metrics tied to digital identities to determine privileges. However, these features present new challenges for users, who must securely store and manage their private keys and tokens to ensure the integrity and safety of their digital assets.


One effective method to safeguard them is to use “cold” or “hardware” wallets, such as D’CENT. These hardware devices store crypto assets offline, making them more secure than online wallets connected to the internet and, therefore vulnerable to cyberattacks. 


In the web3 space, where decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and web3 applications offering financial services without intermediaries are gaining popularity, cold wallets and staking have become increasingly vital, and according to CipherTrace’s March 2023 report on thefts, hacks, and frauds in the crypto industry amounted to $383 million in the third quarter of 2022 along, with many of these incidents involving DeFi platforms and web3 applications.


Keeping your assets offline protects you from hackers, malware, phishing, and other cyber threats. This is particularly important since the decentralized nature of the blockchain system means that transactions are irreversible, and once your crypto assets are stolen, they are gone forever. Therefore, taking the necessary precautions to keep your crypto investments safe and secure is crucial.

Another benefit of cold web3 wallets is the ability to participate in staking. Staking is a process where you lock up your crypto assets in a smart contract to support the security and functionality of a network. By staking, users can earn rewards while keeping their assets offline and safe from hackers. Cold staking also reduces the environmental impact of Web 3.0, as it does not require high computational power or energy consumption. “At D’Cent Wallet, we understand the importance of providing innovative solutions that enhance users’ crypto experience. With our new HBAR staking feature, you can effortlessly earn rewards while securely managing your Hedera holdings.” Minho Yoo, D’CENT Wallet’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, commented, “We are excited to collaborate with Blade Wallet, a trusted industry leader, to offer seamless staking integration and expand the horizons of decentralized finance. Join us as we forge a path towards a future where decentralized finance becomes more rewarding than ever before.”


D’CENT is a hardware wallet that securely stores and manages your digital assets. It supports cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and, most recently, Hedera tokens. It lets you interact with decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts on the Web3 ecosystem. 


Some of the key features of D’CENT are:

Biometric authentication: You can use your fingerprint to unlock your device and confirm transactions without compromising your security or privacy.

Large OLED display: You can view your transaction details and QR codes clearly on the 1.39-inch screen, one of the largest in the market.

Wireless connectivity: You can connect your device to your smartphone or PC via Bluetooth or USB and use the D’CENT app or web interface to access your assets and DApps.

Multi-signature support: You can create and join multi-signature wallets with other D’CENT users and share the responsibility of managing your funds.

Backup and recovery: You can easily back up and restore your device using a 24-word recovery phrase generated and stored offline.


D’CENT is designed to provide the best-in-class security and user experience in the web3 world. With the D’CENT integration with Blade Wallet, Blade users can now enjoy the benefits of web3 while keeping their assets safe and under your control.


If you want to purchase a D’CENT wallet, visit the online shop.  To experience Blade Wallet, click here to download the app to your mobile device or Chrome desktop extension and receive a Blade Loyalty Card to start your web3 journey!


About D’CENT 

D’CENT Wallet was created by IoTrust, a company founded by security experts with over two decades of experience developing secure-chip technology. The platform offers a range of wallet options to suit users’ needs, providing high security to protect users’ digital assets from hacks and exploits. D’CENT is committed to providing users with maximum security and usability and has integrated with several leading blockchain networks to expand its capabilities and deliver greater value to its customers. The complete integration of the Hedera Token Service represents a key milestone for D’CENT, and the company looks forward to innovating in the blockchain space.

About Blade Labs

Blade Labs Inc. is the leading wallet infrastructure provider for the Hedera network. Its mission is to enable the next billion users to safely and seamlessly transition between web2 and web3 activities via its frictionless onboarding, simple integrations, and secure payment options from third-party providers.  

Its flagship product, Blade Wallet, is an enterprise-grade, self-custody, third-party audited, and security-tested web3 wallet. It has seen the most rapid growth on the Hedera platform, with over half a million new user accounts created in a year.

Another suite of products the Blade Labs team created to further its mission, BladeLinks, provides single-click solutions for user onboarding and registration and NFT creation, sale, and distribution. 

The team comprises 30 industry professionals located worldwide, covering every key timezone. This allows the unit to operate 24/7 and bring advanced web3 technology to any business, solving real-world issues on a large scale. 

To learn more about how Blade Labs can help your business succeed in the web3 era, please contact the Blade Labs team at to discuss your specific needs or visit