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Blade Wallet – A How To Guide

Whether you’re a crypto, NFT enthusiast, or a company trying to maximize the potential of the Web3 world, the Blade Wallet is a digital wallet designed and built to meet your needs. Blade Wallet is the first security-audited and multi-lingual digital wallet on Hedera with enterprise-grade security.

This detailed guide will help you make the most of Hedera’s fastest-growing digital wallet with a step-by-step guide on how to set up your account, claim staking rewards, transfer your NFT, and so much more. Read on to take control of your digital life and explore everything Web3 has to offer!

How to Setup Your Blade Wallet?

Running on Hedera Hashgraph technology, Blade Wallet has a user-friendly interface, and setting up your account is simple.

The first step is to download the app on your device, and Blade Wallet is available on Android and iOS devices and Chrome desktop browsers.

Download Blade Wallet using any of these links:

Android via Google Play Store
iOS via Apple Store
Chrome extension via Chrome Web Store

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can take the following steps to set up your account:

  • Open the app and click on ”Get Started.”
  • Create your password using at least eight alphanumeric characters. You can use a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and special characters, such as ($blade450). You use letters with accents or diacritics. Remember that you must have the password to unlock your Blade Wallet, so make it secure and keep it safe.
  • After entering your password twice (to ensure that you are aware of the password you used), please read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and click the checkbox if you agree with them.
  • Copy the Secret Recovery Phrase that appears on the next page. You can use it to recover your account on any device. Write down all the words correctly and ensure to keep them in a safe place.
    Click on “I have saved my Recovery Phrase.” After that, click on ”Next” and ”Go to the Wallet.”
  • Now, your Blade Wallet is all set-up and ready for use.

How to Import Your Blade Wallet With Secret Recovery Phrase?

Your Secret Recovery Phrase is an essential safety and access key to your wallet account. If you want to reinstall Blade Wallet on a new device, you can import your Blade Wallet account using your Secret Recovery Phrase. Follow these steps for seamless recovery of your wallet account:

  • Open the app
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Enter your current password or a new one (remember to enter it twice)
  • Read the Terms of Use, and check the “agree” box if you accept the terms.
  • Click “Advanced Settings”
  • Select “Software Wallet”
  • Click “Import wallet.”
  • Enter your 12 or 24 words Recovery Phrase provided during your wallet’s initial setup.
  • Click “Import account” and “Go to the wallet.”
  • You’re all set!

How to Keep Your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key Safe?

The private key is a cryptographic key created from the Secret Recovery Phrase. It’s one string of letters and numbers without spaces. The Private Key and Secret Recovery Phrase is the only way to recover or import your wallet on another device.

Being Certik security-audited doesn’t mean Blade Labs can handle all security-related issues, such as the misplacement of a user’s Secret Recovery Phrase. If you lose these codes, we cannot help you recover them, so you need to backup your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key through these steps:

  • Click “Account”
  • Click the key icon, and your Secret Recovery Phase will appear
  • Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase and keep it in a safe place.
    Blade Labs recommends that you write down each word separately and in order. The phrase will be 12 or 24 words. If you want to back up your Private Key as well, click “Show me my Private Key” you can back it up in the same way you did with your Secret Recovery Phrase.
  • When you are done, select the “I have saved my recovery credentials” box and click “Back to the Wallet.”
  • You do not need the Private Key if you already have the Recovery Phrase for your account. However, the Private Key may be required for advanced users. Also, If you have more than one account, to see the Secret Recovery Phrase for your other accounts, please follow the steps below:
  • Under “Available Accounts,” you can click the “>” icon
  • Click “View Key”


*You must follow the same process with each account in your wallet. Each account has its unique Secret Recovery Phrase.

How to Trade an NFT in Your Blade Wallet? – Android

Through the Blade Wallet you can send, receive, and store NFTs. Follow the steps below to transfer your NFTs in your Blade Wallet:

  • Access your gallery and select the NFT you want to trade
  • Click “Trade”
  • Provide the recipient’s wallet ID or contact name (if it is in your wallet’s contact list)
  • Set your NFT’s price
  • Click “Review and Submit.”
  • You will see the NFT trade summary. After you review it, click “Trade NFT.”
  • The NFT trade agreement will be created. You need to share the Trade ID with the recipient of the NFT so that they can sign the transaction in their wallet. The NFT recipient must sign the transaction within 30 minutes; otherwise, the transaction will cancel automatically.
  • If you are the NFT recipient, you must associate the NFT’s Token ID with your account in your Blade Wallet before you sign the transaction.
  • Use the following steps if you need to learn (or remember) how to sign a transaction:
  • Go to your wallet’s menu. You will find it by clicking the hamburger icon in the top right corner.
  • A drop menu will appear; click “Sign Transaction.”
  • Select the account you want to use to sign and provide the trade ID in the “Schedule ID” bar.
  • Click the “ℹ️” (Load schedule info) Icon.
  • You will see the transfer summary and details. Once you review it, click “Sign Transaction.”
  • Your transaction is complete.

How to Receive NFTs in Your Blade Wallet?

  • Unlike some other Web3 apps, receiving NFTs in your Blade Wallet is as easy as eating a pie. All you need to do is to associate the NFT’s Token ID with your account, and you are ready to receive it.
  • If you don’t know how to associate an NFT Token ID, follow the steps below:
  • Click the hamburger icon at the top right-hand corner of your Blade Wallet app screen.
  • Click “Add Token”
  • Type the token name in the search field and wait until a list of options appears. Then select the right token.
  • You can check the NFT Token’s details by clicking the “ℹ️” icon.
  • Please confirm that you have enough HBAR in your account, as there is a $0.05 fee when associating a token with your account. Also, ensure that you associate the NFT’s Token ID before the NFT is transferred to your account.
  • Click “Add Token,” and that’s it!
  • You can now see the NFT in your gallery.

How to Transfer an NFT? Android – Web Chrome Extension

  • Before you send the NFT, you must know the Wallet ID of the receiver.
  • Here’s how you can transfer an NFT from your wallet using the android web chrome extension:
  • Access your gallery and select the NFT you want to transfer
  • Click “Transfer”
  • Provide the receiver’s Wallet ID and click “Review and submit.”
  • Before the transfer, please ensure the recipient has associated their NFT Token ID.
  • You will see an “NFT Transfer summary” tab. After you confirm all the information is correct, click “Transfer NFT.”
  • You have successfully transferred your NFT.

How to Swap HBAR Tokens? Android – Web Chrome Extension

  • Swapping HBAR on Hedera is now easier and faster through the Blade Wallet app.
  • Here is how you can swap them through your wallet:
  • Click on the “Menu” icon at the top right corner
  • Click “Swap Tokens.”
  • Choose the token you want to swap
  • Enter the amount
  • Select the token you wish to receive
  • Set the “Transaction Slippage” (your transaction will revert if the price changes unfavorably by more than this percentage)
  • Click “Review and Swap.”
  • Check the swap summary and click on “Swap Tokens.”
  • The swap process auto-associates the token you are swapping into.

How to Stake And Unstake HBAR With Blade Wallet?

The Hedera Hashgraph Native Staking Protocol is now enabled in Blade Wallet. It uses a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake, which is a way to ensure that all transactions are verified and secured.

You can stake your HBAR through Blade Wallet and receive rewards for actively participating in validating transactions on the network by following these steps:

  • On the home screen, select “Stake.”
  • Now, you have two options, Blade Wallet will choose the optimal node for your stake, or you can select one among the 26 consensus nodes by clicking the “Select node to stake on” option. Your HBAR balance will be staked, but you can unstake your HBAR anytime.
  • After you have selected a node to stake on, click “Stake account.”
  • When your HBAR is staked, you will see a checkmark next to “Staked” below your main balance. If you click on it, you will be able to see your staking details.
  • To unstake your HBAR:
  • Click “Staked,” and your staking details will be displayed.
  • Click “Unstake account.”
  • A confirmation pop-up tab will appear. Click “Unstake”

How to Claim Staking Rewards?

  • Click on the “Staked” button, and you will be prompted to your staking details.
  • Click on the “Claim Reward” button.
  • As soon as you click the “Claim Reward” button, the reward will be credited to your account.


To check the reward you have received for contributing to the security of the Hedera network, click the “History” button on the dashboard to see the details.

How to List a Blade NFT For Sale on HashAxis?

Before you list your NFT on any marketplace, remember to locate the NFT’s name and serial number in your gallery in your Blade Wallet. For now, you can only do this via the Blade Wallet Chrome extension.

Here are the steps to follow when listing your NFT for sale on HashAxis:

  • Create a new account or log in with your existing account at
  • Go to the Blade NFT collection page, and select the collection type your NFT belongs to.
  • Enter the NFT’s serial number in the search bar. This will prompt you to your NFT’s details page.
  • Scroll down and click “Connect Blade.”
  • Once your Blade Wallet is connected, click “List for Resale.”
  • A pop-up tab will appear; provide your NFT’s HBAR price and click “Approve.”
  • You will see a “Crypto Approve Allowance” pop-up tab showing the system fee for listing your NFT.
  • Your NFT is now listed on HashAxis.


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