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Blade Labs Launches In-Wallet Hedera and Ethereum Cross-Chain Swapping Solution


Singapore – May XX, 2023 – Blade Labs Inc. has taken a major step forward in blockchain interoperability with the launch of its cross-chain ‘bridging’ solution between Ethereum and the Hedera network. Through the integration of Changelly, Blade Wallet’s V1.1 update now enables users to swap assets between the two networks with ease, giving Hedera users access to a wealth of new opportunities and possibilities.


Changelly is a specialized cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to quickly and easily exchange one virtual currency for another. By integrating with Changelly, Blade Wallet enables its users with a secure and easy way to swap digital assets from Ethereum to Hedera and vice versa.


“Changelly’s integration with Blade Wallet enables users to instantly and securely move assets between the two networks with just a few clicks. This is a major breakthrough in blockchain interoperability and will open up a world of possibilities for Hedera users.” according to Chengelly’s CEO. Hedera is known for its best-in-class technology, security, and decentralization. It is a key player in the web3 world, however, despite its technological prowess, the Hedera network has yet to boast the user numbers found in popular networks such as Ethereum.


Blade Labs is at the forefront of bringing more enterprises, communities, and users to Hedera, and its latest cross-chain bridging upgrade to Blade Wallet is just another example of its commitment to expanding the reach and evangelising the capabilities of the Hedera network. Blade’s CEO, Sami Mian, stated “We believe interoperability between different blockchain technologies is a prerequisite to mainstream web3 adoption.  Providing the means to seamlessly swap between ERC and Hedera compatible tokens from within the wallet allows us to bridge Hedera and Ethereum communities and further accelerate Hedera’s ecosystem. growth.”


By leveraging Changelly’s exchange services, Blade users can now move assets between Hedera and Ethereum with simplicity, speed, and security. Blade aims to provide an end-to-end user experience for on-ramping (fiat to crypto), Inter-chain swapping (crypto to crypto between chains), and off-ramping (crypto to fiat – coming soon) straight from within the wallet.  Sending digital assets is always a nervous occasion– some requiring memos, mistakes in account IDs, and other mishaps– so we aim to improve user experience and reduce errors. Blade is dedicated to growing the Hedera community by making it more accessible to everyone. Blade has already onboarded over 800,000 new accounts in just over a year, and is confident that its cross-chain bridging solution will only accelerate this growth, adoption, and usage.


To experience Blade Wallet, click here to download the app to your mobile device or Chrome desktop extension and receive a Blade Loyalty Card to start your web3 journey!


About Changelly

Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto, including instant exchanges, decentralized finance swaps, affiliate tools and more. Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to over 500 cryptocurrencies that can be effortlessly exchanged or purchased within 10 minutes on a desktop and via the Changelly mobile app.

About Blade Labs

Blade Labs Inc. is the leading wallet infrastructure provider for the Hedera network. Its mission is to enable the next billion users to safely and seamlessly transition between web2 and web3 activities via its frictionless onboarding, simple integrations, and secure payment options from third-party providers.

Its flagship product, Blade Wallet, is an enterprise-grade, self-custody, third-party audited, and security-tested web3 wallet that has seen the most rapid growth on the Hedera platform, with just under 400,000 new user accounts created in less than a year.

Another suite of products the Blade Labs team created to further its mission, BladeLinks, provides single-click solutions for user onboarding and registration and NFT creation, sale, and distribution.


The team comprises 30 industry professionals located worldwide, covering every key timezone. This allows the unit to operate 24/7 and bring advanced web3 technology to any business, solving real-world issues on a large scale.


To learn more about how Blade Labs can help your business succeed in the web3 era, please contact the Blade Labs team at to discuss your specific needs or visit