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Introducing, Blade SecureTouch

Tap. Touch. Transact.

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Discover the Power of SecureTouch

Join the forefront of digital asset security with Blade SecureTouch – the wallet that blends cutting-edge biometric protection with the convenience of a card.

In the ever-expanding world of digital assets, Blade SecureTouch emerges as a revolutionary card-based solution for the discerning user. Say goodbye to cumbersome devices with small screens and buttons. Blade SecureTouch is here to redefine what it means to store and manage your digital assets securely.

Setting up your Blade SecureTouch is a breeze, simply Initialize Your Wallet by loading your seed through your Blade Wallet App. Complete your Biometric Enrollment by registering two fingerprints directly on your card and set up a PIN code via your Blade Wallet App. Then you’re ready to perform Seamless Transactions all through the Blade Wallet app. To sign off simply tap your Blade SecureTouch to your mobile phone, authenticate with a fingerprint or pin, and you’re done.

Simplicity at Your Fingertips

Recovery Made Simple

If your SecureTouch is ever lost or stolen, rest easy. Your assets stay locked and fully recoverable with your BIP39-compliant passphrase and our quick restore function.

With Securetouch, you’re not just using a wallet; you’re investing in peace of mind. Each transaction requires your unique authentication, ensuring that you – and only you – are in charge.

Welcome to SecureTouch – where your digital assets are always with reach and always under your control.