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Zero Blade Fees!

We’ve stripped off all transaction fee’s! Enjoy all of the leading Blade Wallet features while only paying network & 3rd party fees. Not only are we Certik audited and the only dual network wallet on Hedera, we’re now also the cheapest.

What are you waiting for? Download yours today!

Blade Wallet is Fully Certik Audited

The Only No Fee Hedera Wallet

Only Dual Network Wallet on Hedera

About Blade Labs

Blade Labs is a leading business solution provider utilising Web3 technology to deliver cut through results for enterprises across the world.

We are committed to providing users simple, seamless, and secure access to Web3 activities and commerce.

Blade Labs operate on a true 24-hour basis, with team members located in countries across Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We are actively working on integrations with dozens of partners from across the world with communities totalling in the millions. Unlock the power of Web3 with Blade.

Here's why Blade Wallet is built on Hedera. :

  • Hedera is 10x faster than blockchain alternatives*
  • Hedera is carbon negative
  • Hedera has low and predictable gas fees**



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